Kamis, 20 Agustus 2009

Freaky Friday

tomorrow i've been reminded by a friend to go to campus today..


hah... just another simple day..

but yeah, this is okay.. i mean, since i have nothing to do today..

anyway, that 'girl' added me AGAIN on facebook yesterday..

just like i said, ignore ignore ignore.. face it we will never be friends..

its not that i dont want to, i just cant.. eeyywwwhh...

okay, my bad.. but i just.. hate her.. there i said it..

well, its not too important actually..

i have nothing to do with her things, and either does she..

Better topic : i'm out of town tomorrow.. so cant write any entry until monday..

well.. cao cao for now.. and see you guys on Monday..

-blackhaired girl has to go to the loo-

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